12th March 2017

As I type I cast my mind back twelve months when I was SO unwell and could hardly walk. Now I have news ....I am feeling the best I have felt in eighteen months AND ............... I have finally got my very own training centre. I am now the proud proprietor of The Come to heal DogTraining Centre upon the Trenant Industrial estate in my home town of Wadebridge. I offer 1~2~1 consultations and training sessions. Later this year I will be running and hosting a variety of weekend workshops too

At the beginning of May I will be opening the doors for Life Skill Classes and Puppy Classes. The maximum number of dogs in my class will be six. I want to focus on small classes so each person and their dog gets my attention and can be involved in their training class.

I have already welcomed my first clients into the centre last week with Star as my wonderful work buddy ~ everybody loves it and gets a good feeling when they enter so the future is looking rosy.

The Centre is dedicated to my parents Margaret & Perry Herrick who have made it all possible. This is very much their legacy and I feel so very grateful and proud.

I have updated my Facebook page which has changed its name to Come to heal Dog Training Centre and am in the throes of updating the details on to my website ~ please bear with me on this as I am not the most technical of souls at the best of times!!

Please contact me if you would like to come to class or would like a 1~2~1 training session...I look forward to welcoming you to the Come to heal Dog Training Centre, 8 Schooners Business Park, Bess Park Road, Wadebridge PL27 6BH Tel 07817202957


2nd January 2017

It's been a while since I have written in my blog...so much has happened. I am delighted to say I am back on my feet ...working full time and have even managed to do my dog training assessments and pass as an Accredited IMDT dog trainer. Hugely proud of this as it was my goal for 2016 and I had to put everything on hold whilst I had chemo. Steve Mann the founder of IMDT and his lovely trainers have been very patient and supportive. I have also made some lovely friends through this wonderful organisation. Please take a look at www.imdt.uk.com.

Barney Moon and Star continue to be wonderful and we live love and walk together ~ plans for this year include my usuual TTouch workshops and I am looking forward to running some training classes and workshops too so watch this space...... exciting times are ahead



11TH July 2016

Well what a rollercoaster the fifth treatment has been ~ this time I have had two bad stomach bugs which have left me with little energy but on very good terms with my toilet if you get my drift!!!

On the plus side I have had minimal tiredness in relation to the chemo. My feet have not swollen but best of all I GOT TO WALK MY BOYS!


 I felt like an Olympian !! I can honestly say I gave thanks for every step ~ the dogs played with both John and I and they hadn't forgotten what I'd taught them. Barney is moving well so I am happy about that too ~ it means the muscles around his hips are o.k. I will work with him intensely once I am back on my feet. Star just lives up to his name and we return to training classes on the 8th September~ WOO HOOOOOOO!

I return to work on the 12th September and will be easing myself in slowly but boy does it feel good to say that and its the little things like putting my message back on the ansaphone...putting my uniform back on. I just give thanks for each step because I appreciate each step.

I can honestly say I've worked hard to get to this point but I couldn't have got to this point without wonderful friends who have been there for me when I was going through a dark day. They also have taken me on adventures or just come and spent time .

To all of you I give you my heartfelt thanks cos it would have been so dark without you.......



I wouldn't have made it at all without my beloved Moon Men, John's unerring love kindness and patience, Barney Moon who has never left my side and Star who has mirrored my symptoms throughout.To these wonderful sentient beings I love you so very much each in different ways.

THANK YOU seems inadequate but it comes from my heart and Soul . I am SO lucky  to have you in my life and give thanks each day to the Universe and the amazing Archangels and Angels.

This brings me on to Team Healing ~ Thank you for getting me through. Thank you to to all the wonderful staff at The Headland Unit and The Sunrise Centre ~ you saved my life and for that you have my eternal gratitude. This was confirmed yesterday when I  learned the results of my recent CT scan:

The tumours in my breast and my lungs have disappeared.I still have tumours in my liver and legs but they too are vastly reduced. I still have to have my herceptin and other antibody every three weeks and will have a CT scan every three months to monitor my progress.

And through it all my inspiration has been my wonderful Dad. On the days when I couldn't stand up to walk ...I couldn't stand in the shower for long without it hurting and had to dry myself lying on the floor...it was thoughts of my darling Dad's courage, sheer determination, sense of humour,humility ,dignity and the ability to remain positive despite the worst disease of all MND that made me get back up and grab life and I have felt both Mum and Dad around me ...giving me the ability to get back up and to never give up, to speak up for myself when I had to and to go on to achieve my dreams which I fully intend to do.

I am obviously delighted with the news of the scan.... so tomorrow when I have my last chemo I will feel as if I am passing the finishing line. 

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have taken the time to read this blog....watch this space because the future is SOOOO bright for Come to heal and I'd like you and your dogs to share it.



31st July 2016

Well what a week it's been ...to be honest it's been full of highs and lows. I was at my lowest point in a long while yesterday.

Chemo 5 has thrown me yet another curved ball ~ I am not tired but have had acute diarrhoea which is both debilitating and demoralising. This came to a head yesterday and I was sick and had the runs all at the same time ...Deep Deep Joy!

I am able to do so much more and am not using my crutches at all but I am still not where I want to be and this week I'd had enough.

So yesterday evening this Spiky Star Trouper was feeling very low and sorry for herself. I then received a message from Kate Ramsden who told me her Black Labrador Sam has been diagnosed with cancer and is going in for surgery on Monday. She told me how much my blog has helped her. This brought tears to my eyes ...this is why I am writing and sharing my experiences and the fact it is helping Kate means so much.

Therefore this week I dedicate this blog to Kate Ramsden and her Black Labrador Sam and please whoever is reading this please send out positive thoughts tomorrow for Sam's operation to be a resounding success with the best possible outcome.

So the week began with me feeling keyed up as I had an appointment on Tuesday with an Orthopaedic consultant to determine if I would need any surgery to reinforce my legs. I don't want surgery but if it means I can walk Barney Moon and Star for the next twenty years then bring it on.

My appointment was for 10.05 a.m on Tuesday to be followed by a CT scan at 12.30 p.m.....at 2.30 p.m on Monday my consultant rang to say I wouldn't be seeing him after all. Orthpaedics had been to see her and said they needed to see all of my scans before seeing me. (surely they must have known this before my appointment was made!)

I was not happy about this and told my consultant so ...so now waiting for a possible appointment in the weeks to come.  My consultant then went on to tell me that as my consultant she wanted me to have a blood transfusion ~ I told her that as I was border line I would like to see what I could do with diet and supplements and then if my second blood test at next chemo showed me to still be below what was required then I would have a transfusion. SO Tuesday arrives and John and I left at 11.00 a.m to be in plenty of time for the CT scan. Lo and behold on the way out of Wadebridge my consultant phones me to say she wants me to go to the Headland unit to have a cannula fitted and my bloods taken DESPITE ME STATING THAT I DID NOT WANT A BLOOD TRANSFUSION. I could then go for my scan and then head up to the Sunrise Centre to see her where she would see me.

To say I was not happy about this would be something of an understatement. To cut a long story short..five hours later I ended up in a treatment room at the Sunrise Centre awaiting the arrival of my consultant and I was seething. When she walked in I immediately asked the results of my blood test and surprise surprise my haemoglobin had risen and I DID NOT NEED A BLOOD TRANSFUSION. I asked her where my choice was in all this and pointed out that what I was doing must be working. Without even asking what I was doing I was told that the haemoglobin couldn't have risen as a result of what I had been doing. I told her I'd had a REALLY shitty day.  She told me she didn't like being spoken to in this way and I told her that I didn't like being treated this way and that she had wasted my time.! EXIT STAGE LEFT!

The week then took a leap forward and I am proud to say I can now walk Barney Moon and Star separately on lead up and down our back lane.

My posture is also straightening itself and my feet are no longer swollen. My hair is thinning but still hanging in there so all positive stuff.

I become frustrated because I want to be able to go and do what everyone esle is doing like going to work and going out and about but I am not quite there yet. So yesterday rather like a child I didn't want to play anymore and I had a good old moan and  a bloody good cry.

At my  lowest ebb and guess what happened? Star had another seizure at 6 a.m this morning. On the plus side I was down beside him in nanoseconds.. something I couldn't do when he last had a seizure in April. It lasted three minutes and Star came around within two minutes ~ minimal foaming at the mouth and a slight loss of control of his bladder~ I just know he is my mirror.

SO TODAY WAS OUR CHILL OUT DAY TOGETHER. John looked after Barney as he had been swimming yeserday and was reluctant to go out his morning so he had a chillout day with his Dad.

We met up with my best friend Audrey and her two dogs Libby and Tia. Together we drove out to the moors to our special spot and spent the majority of the day by ourselves talking and laughing...throwing toys in the river for the dogs.

I was so proud of Star as he gets on well with Audrey's dogs who are well balanced loving dogs and keep their younger friend in order!

Later by chance Audrey's nephew and his family joined us and their children had a wonderful water slide which they played in with great enthusiasm ~ Star was so good around the running children and stayed completely calm.

The highlight of our day came when three horses a mare her foal and we think her yearling came right up to see us.

 This moment caught Libby and the foal really talking to one another with both offering calming signals and the peace that I felt just being in the presence of these three beautiful animals was so serene and healing. Then some people came along hooting their camper van and the horses hurried off but half an hour or so later they came trotting back to us~ the fact that they chose to come and be with us I found deeply touching.

Once again Star stayed by my side and I felt really proud of my boy ~ he was born smack bang in the middle of a riding stables and so horses were no problem at all.

I have finished the day with a lovely conversation with Wendy my neighbour who is always so supportive.

Thank you for staying  through this rather long narrative but it really has been something of a week but to finish it with my boy in the beautiful clean air of the moor with my beautiful best friend and her wonderful dogs~ well it doesn't get much better than that does it?....AND BREATHE!






EARLY MORNING 22nd July 2016

Well it's nearly 4 a.m and try as I might I can't get back to sleep.

I had a lovely day yesterday with my friend Rachel. Although we keep in touch via the Internet we hadn't seen each other for ages.

Bless her heart she took time out of her busy schedule to come and see me which I so appreciated. Best of all we picked up where we left off. This is something I find so precious and only have with a few people.

This lifts me for my chemo sessions - yep it's 

number five of having "the healing fire" put into my system and then one more to go.

I came kicking and screaming and not wanting chemo but it has healed my body to the point where my lump has disappeared and I can walk without crutches.

However having more of it in my system 

never sits well with me and I always feel very emotional the night before and on the morning of my treatment .  Then I get to the hospital and see the wonderful nurses and volunteers and see people who are really not well and I realise how lucky I am.

Star and Barney Moon are doing well - I think my Barney worries about me but Rachel delivered my Activity Mat for them yesterday and they both loved it - Barney worked through it steadily and calmly so we shall be doing more games as it gives him confidence too.

Keeping my eyes on the Prize it will not be long until I can walk my boys and TEAM MOON will be back to face the world .

Rachel teases me about my Superwoman cloak - the day I walk out with the Moon Boys I shall be wearing it with pride!❤️

Thank you to every one of you who takes the time to read my blog. Thank you too for all your messages of love and support they mean more than you know and help immeasurably so here goes the Spiky Star Trooper embarking on her next mission but Star Barney Moon and I will soon be Star Trekkin' across the Universe.

Dog Rehoming

The Labrador Rescue Trust

I work closely with my local branch of the Labrador Rescue Trust.

If you are interested in rehoming a Labrador or wish to help us fund raise then please contact myself or Ruth Reeves Cornwall Co~ordinator

The Labrador Rescue Trust  Tel:01840 213120

Barney snoozing
Barney snoozing