This is one of my favourite outcomes to date. Joan has given me permission to tell her story.

Joan first contacted me very concerned about her lovely  seven year old Jack Russell Pepper. Ever since last November Pepper had become very sound sensitive to radiators gurgling in the house and was spending most of her time outside. Poor Joan had done everything to try to encourage Pepper to come inside .

At night Pepper would come into the sitting room ..everything was fine until Joan started to get ready for bed and then Pepper would put her head down and would go into a panic and poor Joan was not sleeping because Pepper was getting onto her bed in an attempt to be near her because she was so anxious.

On my first Pepper I showed Joan how to interact with Pepper using some Nona Ottosson interactive dog games and I showed Joan how to give Pepper TTouch which Pepper loved. I also showed Joan how to apply body wraps to help calm Pepper when she became anxious.....

here is the email Joan sent me after a week:

"After only a week we can see a difference in Pepper's behaviour which is very encouraging. In the mornings she no longer looks to go out immediately to her kennel as we have been distracting her with the 'toy box' and treats dispenser. The day you came, which was really nice and sunny, she sat in the sun in the sitting room until it was time for her walk, which she hasn't done for ages.

She is now using the soft crate we bought her as an alternative to our laps in the evenings and one night opted to go into her bed in the bedroom without any encouragement - hasn't done this in three and a half months. We have been doing lots of the T Touch and wrap treatment - I don't think she even notices that she has it on!"

Joan clearly adores her dog and is totally committed to her~ I have been doing this wonderful work for seven years and it never loses its magic!

I went back to do some groundwork with Pepper and took this lovely picture....well done Joan and Pepper!

Joan & Pepper
Joan & Pepper


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Barney snoozing
Barney snoozing