The beginning of our new blog.... ..No I haven't forgotten my darling Barney Moon but my blog is going to document my personal journey that started in earnest on 28th January of this year. That was the date I was offiicially diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

Overnight I have had to stop working so I can focus on managing living with what has been diagnosed as Secondary Breast Cancer meaning it has spread to other parts of my body ..   I have been given a positive long term prognosis for which I am Eternally Grateful. I HAVE A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE LIFE!

My attitude is this: I may have cancer but cancer does not have me and I WILL BE BACK TO WORKING WITH DOGS JUST AS SOON AS I CAN ~ MY EYES NEVER LEAVE THAT PRIZE.

On the 26th January ~two days before I was diagnosed my darling Star had his first seizure ~ it was heart breaking to come down to find him foaming at the mouth sightless..... I made sure he had his space and gently spoke to him. Barney respectfully gave him space and in a few minutes Star came to.

From this time Star and I have mirrored each other in a myriad of ways... this has prompted me to begin a blog documenting our experiences.

If it can help just one person going through something similar then I will have achieved what has prompted me to write this blog.

So welcome  and as I write I am going down to Treliske Hospital tomorrow to the Headland Unit for my second chemotherapy treatment. At the same time I will be fitted with a pair of crutches....deep joy! ......the reason being I have to take the weight off my hips whilst the ongoing treatment strengthens my bones.

Today Barney and Star had their regular McTimoney chiropractic appointment.... Star was out of alignment in exactly the same places the orthopaedic department had picked up in my scans.... makes me go hot and cold..so Star and I are trekking across the Universe and he is my reason to keep positive so together we can Get Better and Stronger..... more to follow but for now Good night and thank you to everyone for their support to date it truly is a Force of Love and one I cherish and am deeply Grateful for.



This is one of my favourite outcomes to date. Joan has given me permission to tell her story.

Joan first contacted me very concerned about her lovely  seven year old Jack Russell Pepper. Ever since last November Pepper had become very sound sensitive to radiators gurgling in the house and was spending most of her time outside. Poor Joan had done everything to try to encourage Pepper to come inside .

At night Pepper would come into the sitting room ..everything was fine until Joan started to get ready for bed and then Pepper would put her head down and would go into a panic and poor Joan was not sleeping because Pepper was getting onto her bed in an attempt to be near her because she was so anxious.

On my first Pepper I showed Joan how to interact with Pepper using some Nona Ottosson interactive dog games and I showed Joan how to give Pepper TTouch which Pepper loved. I also showed Joan how to apply body wraps to help calm Pepper when she became anxious.....

here is the email Joan sent me after a week:

"After only a week we can see a difference in Pepper's behaviour which is very encouraging. In the mornings she no longer looks to go out immediately to her kennel as we have been distracting her with the 'toy box' and treats dispenser. The day you came, which was really nice and sunny, she sat in the sun in the sitting room until it was time for her walk, which she hasn't done for ages.

She is now using the soft crate we bought her as an alternative to our laps in the evenings and one night opted to go into her bed in the bedroom without any encouragement - hasn't done this in three and a half months. We have been doing lots of the T Touch and wrap treatment - I don't think she even notices that she has it on!"

Joan clearly adores her dog and is totally committed to her~ I have been doing this wonderful work for seven years and it never loses its magic!

I went back to do some groundwork with Pepper and took this lovely picture....well done Joan and Pepper!

Joan & Pepper
Joan & Pepper


Lots has been happening over the past few weeks. Firstly I got my long awaited Berlingo van whom I have named Myrtle the Moon Mobile.

She drives like a dream and the Moon boys think they are in a heavenly chariot!!!! 

Next comes the launch of my new logo for Come to heal

Come to heal logo

My thanks goes to the wonderfully talented Tony Gallacher who put life into an idea I gave to him whilst Barney Moon was mugging him for his ball chucker and tennis ball!!! Tony is just recovering from heart surgery and I wish him and his lovely Sue a lot of love and thanks...makes the logo even more special.

Then came last weekend's workshop which launched the beginning of this years weekend TTouch workshops ~once again a lovely happy weekend with lots of happy chilled out dogs with their very special people.

Please take a look at News and events to see the dates for upcoming workshops ~ they offer a real taste of this fantastic work.

TTouch enriches life with your dog and is fun and easy to learn.


It's been a lovely week of breakthroughs this week. What I love about my work is that firstly it never seems like work because I love doing what I do.

Secondly TTouch never loses its magic and clients' devotion to their dogs never fails to move me.

Two cases that proved this point this week was working with the Shepherd cross Malamute Tamaska ~ his devoted mum and dad Cathy and Neil have had him for 10 months and he has come a long way.

Tamaska is what I would call a Wise Soul.  Through no fault of theirs interaction with other dogs has not been positive and Tamaska has been clear and restrained. However Cathy has to muzzle him when out.

Thanks to her dedication and the use of positive training and TTouch Tamaska is blossoming. He was really stiff through his back left hind leg too and had real tension through his neck and back. By introducing a Perfect Fit harness and TTouch he straightened out and groundwork changed his gait so he walked in balance. This can really help his interaction with other dogs ~ posture effects behaviour SO when you change posture you can change behaviour.

What's more TTouch is easy to learn and a wonderful way to interact with your dog.

Cathy & Tamaska
Cathy & Tamaska


The second case involves the wonderful Jake a young Jack Russell who my fantastic clients rescued two and a half months ago.

He came to them very nervous reactive to people and dogs and was constantly barking and on the go.

I first visited Jake two weeks ago and he was so stressed his coat was falling out and his chest was almost bare.

Claire his mum has been a total superstar and given Jake TTouch and applied a neck wrap when he became overwhelmed~ the result being she walked passed a builder at work and Jake was calm.... something that had never happened before. Jake has stopped spinning, is calmer when going out for a walk and his fur has grown back on his chest. This makes my heart sing.

Jake is getting better with other dogs but we still have work to do. Saturday was groundwork day where I introduced Jake to some different textured surfaces and some poles and cones to help with his body awareness ~ he was so good and really came in to focus.

Jake in action
Jake in action

 Ian his dad had a brilliant idea ~ when he becomes anxious out on a walk Jake will bite the lead~ to stop the lead getting ruined Ian came up with the idea of cutting up a mountain bike size inner tube and threading it on to the lead~ genius! Stops Jake chewing the lead without making it heavier.

This and the groundwork really helped Jake come in to focus.

Next step is to take the groundwork to a public place to enable him to cope with meeting other dogs ~ watch this space but I have total faith in Jake and his family.


Great idea!
Great idea!


Had a fantastic morning on Gwithian beach with a client and his Chocolate Labrador Sam. He has worked so hard and changed his perception of his dog and the bond between them is just wonderful. Today my client had the confidence to let Sam Off lead and to watch Sam running for the sheer joy of living and coming back to check in with my client not for food but because he wanted to....just makes my heart sing. So proud of my client for his honesty hard work and dedication to his dog.....oh and yes I LOVE MY JOB!!

Dog Rehoming

The Labrador Rescue Trust

I work closely with my local branch of the Labrador Rescue Trust.

If you are interested in rehoming a Labrador or wish to help us fund raise then please contact myself or Ruth Reeves Cornwall Co~ordinator

The Labrador Rescue Trust  Tel:01840 213120

Barney snoozing
Barney snoozing