Tellington TTouch logoIt is important to note that EVERY dog can benefit from TTouch. In other words your dog does not need to have a behavioural issue.
TTouch is a wonderful way to interact with your dog……AND


What is Tellington TTouch?

The Tellington TTouch method offers a unique approach to training and communication which effectively influences the behaviour and wellbeing of your dog. It was developed by internationally reknowned author and teacher Linda Tellington Jones and has been used worldwide for 35 years.

The cornerstone of this method is a specific form of body work known as TTouch. This induces a state of relaxation and increased body awareness in your dog.

The TTouch method, founded on a philosophy of mutual respect and co-operation between you and your dog, serves as a unique non-verbal means of communication between the two of you.

The Tellington TTouch method consists of:
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Bodywork consists of specific slides circles and lifts of the skin, legs, tail and ears. This increases circulation and so releases tension in the body.


Groundwork is made up of slow, considered exercises on the lead over poles, through cones and over different surfaces. this enables a dog to improve his co-ordination and balance. As a result it also increases his confidence.

There is usually a reason for unwanted behaviour in your dog. Often it can be linked to a physical problem and tension a dog is holding in their body.
For example if a dog is holding tension in his hindquarters and usually has his tail between his legs. This dog is liable to be sensitive to loud noises, nervous of any change in his environment and wary of strangers. Often he can also be nervous of travelling in a car.

When you are able to reduce the tension in his body the associated behaviours are also reduced.
In other words when your dog starts to feel different he can start to behave differently.
TTouch enables a dog to feel more comfortable so he can have a different experience.

Body Wrap
An elastic bandage is wrapped around the dog’s body.
This acts as a security blanket and promotes body awareness and an increase in confidence. It can also help a dog with there overall co-ordination and balance

Calming Wrap
A piece of elastic that rests lightly on the dog’s muzzle and fastens around the back of the dog’s head WITHOUT restricting Movement.
This is effective in reducing barking and is also good for preparing a dog to accept a head collar or muzzle.

 Excessive Barking & Chewing

Pulling on lead

Jumping Up

Aggressive Behaviour

Extreme Fear & Shyness


Problems Associated With Ageing

Recovery from Injury or Surgery

Resistance to Grooming

…….The Result? Happy and Relaxed Dogs.

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Dog Rehoming

The Labrador Rescue Trust

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Barney snoozing
Barney snoozing