Jodie is responding well to 'TTouch' sessions & really seems to enjoy them.
Unfortunately, Jodie had a nasty eye infection last week, so had to take her to the Vet - never a very happy experience for her since her leg operation!

In the waiting room on our arrival, were 3 very large dogs, lunging at her & barking, which didn't help!

After they had gone in the surgery, I was able to give her the ear T touch, and by the time it was her turn, she was quite calm - even the vet noticed that she was much happier with him, sitting well & allowing him to examine her, instead of clinging round my neck, as usual!

She now has an Equafleece T-shirt, which was very successful, along with the TTouch, when we had a lot of Fireworks at the weekend!

Andrea Harris, Bristol

Dog Rehoming

The Labrador Rescue Trust

I work closely with my local branch of the Labrador Rescue Trust.

If you are interested in rehoming a Labrador or wish to help us fund raise then please contact myself or Ruth Reeves Cornwall Co~ordinator

The Labrador Rescue Trust  Tel:01840 213120

Barney snoozing
Barney snoozing